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You're Independent! (The script)


I am independent.

The Kapoors are up to something this morning.

Today is the 15th of August.

It is India's Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day.

Mummy, Daddy, what are you wearing?


Today is India's birthday.

It's called Independence Day.

And it's a holiday.

What's independence?



What is that mean?

Independence is when you can do things on your own.

Without any help.

Why is that important, daddy?

It's a part of growing up, Bubble.

And it makes us pride to see you become independent.

Like when you brush your teeth independently, it feels great. Right?

From now on, I shall do everything independently.

Come on, kids. There is a celebration downstairs.

With a large kid zone to play.

Come on, come. Let's go.

I'll push you Bubble.

No Naaz, I will swing on my own.

But I always pushed a swing for you.

Yes but now I will do it independently.

Hey Bubble, independent is no fun. Let Naaz push you..

See, Maddy is going so high.

No. I told my mummy on my own.

Here Bubble, let me push you.

No, thank you aunty Iyer. I will do it independently.

Oh! Well, that's wonderful, Bubble.

I'm proud of you.

Aha! Grown-ups! Seemed to like independent kids.

Nice try, Maddy.

Shall I show how to get it right?

No, thank you uncle Kapoor.


Wow! That's super, Maddy.

Looks like all the children want to be independent now.

Stop copying me, Maddy.

It's India's Independence day..

You were copying India. Now I am copying you..

Bunny, shall I send Bubble to see-saw with you?

No aunty Kapoor.

I want to see-saw independently.



Now that's great.

But it's a bit cheeky to see-saw alone.

I will still try aunty Kapoor.

Good luck, Bunny.

Happy Independence Day, India.

I see that all the kids have understood the meaning of independence today.

So, what shall we promise to do on our own from now?

Wait, I will tell you.

I promise to brush my teeth independently, twice a day..

In the morning and at night.

Well said, well said.

I promise to change my clothes independently.

I promise to feed my dogs independently, everyday.

I promise to finish my tiffin in school independently, everyday.


I promise to pack my school bag independently, everyday.

That was absolutely wonderful, everybody.

Happy Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day.

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