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The Yoga Song

Narrator: It is early Morning on Jalebi Street.

Deep breathing sound

Deep breathing sound continues..

Mom Mom Mom.....(Knock on the door)







Mom.... Bubble...shhhhh



Funny music.....


What are you doing??

What were you doing Mumma??

I was doing yoga!

Yoga??? What's that???

Yoga is an exercise.. for the mind...

...and for the body!


How come I have never heard of it?

It started in India A very very long time ago...

And now...the whole world loves it!

There are different poses called Aasans.

Aasans make your body strong and flexible....





Hmmmm.... Stretchy....Like a rubber band


Giggling.. I am flexibubble...Giggling

Look Mommy....

No Hannnddsss...




Flexibubble likes this topsy turvy pose

Its called Shirshaasan


Ooo....and here comes....superman!

Whats going on???

Look Krish...Mommy is doing stretchy YUoga...

I tell you what!

I did the topsy turvy pose! Really?

And now... lets do the rubber band aasan

Aahhh... Yogaa...

I was very good at Yoga.

A loonngg time ago. Hmmm...

I wonder if I can still do yoga.

Funny music plays.


Just like chair! Chair pose! Chair pose!

Ohhh!! Giggling... dad!

Yoga isn't easy! It needs practice and concentration!

Come on bubble! try doing this! its called vrikshaasan!


Mummy! Treee...treee...treee! mummy, tree

Easy Krish! weee...

Why dont you try bubble? huh...Easy peasy

Lemon squeezy! I will show you!

Not so easy peasy, Right Bubble?

Here, let me help you

The key to doing Yoga,

Is to concentrate.

This is tough!


This is how you focus!

Stare at the painting on the wall!

Now lift up your arms!

Dont take your eyes off the painting!

Thats it! Focus

Fooocusss! Giggling!

Yippeeee! Yayie!

I can do the Yoga now!

Well done! Nice!

And now it's time for flexi daddy! Hmmmm....

This one is called, Dhanuraasan!

Haah! See-Saw pose! See-Saw poseee!!! Seee-Sawww!!!


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