The Video Game!


Oh Bunny is playing a video game.

Bunny it’s 5 0 clock outdoor playtime.

Bunny time to go out and play.

But Mummy play the same boring game this is much better.

Playing outdoors gives you sunlight no sunlight means no vitamin D yeah and.

What about exercise? Exercise is important for you to grow.


Hi! Aunty singh.

Bunny lets go play everyone is waiting.

you beat me in Tennis than I will come down with you you’re on.

No way boys. Bunny wear your shoes and go with Maddy.

Oh bunny knows Mummy Singh is serious now.

Have Fun. Bye Aunty. Bye Mom.

Bubbles is teaching the group a new game that she has just learned.

First we make the boundary line. No player can cross these line.

Two teams one team Has to catch the players of the other team but here’s the tricky part.

You have to catch them by hopping on one leg I’ll show you how. Naaz and Dev both of you run.

You are out.

Wow this is a fun game. Lets play.

this game is easy what’s it called “Langdi Taang” the One leg hop.

And it’s harder than it looks.

looks easy I will catch all of you even faster than Maddy.

oh really okay it’s a challenge Girls Vs Boys.

Challenge accepted.

hmm Krish and Molly also want to play.

Ok boys you are a maddy’s and bunny’s team. Yes.

No no we don’t need them they will be a handicap.

A handicap is a weakness Maddy thinks the little ones will make them lose.

They will slow us down. Yes.

Okay than Krish and Harley will be in our team.

oh the boys seem to be a bit too sure of winning it’s the girls turn.

to catch the boys. Bubble has began the match.

Oye. Out.

Your Turn.

Common. Looks like Maddy is too fast for them. You Turn.

and Maddie looks tired now Wow and the boys are all out now it’s the boys turn.

to catch the girls.

They both are out.

No one seems interested in catching Krish or Harley.

I Give up.

Now it’s Maddy’s turn. He has gone straight after Bubbles.

Come on boys. Faster. Come on Harley Come on Krish.

This is not fair you have more team mates than us.

OK you get one more chance to catch them.

Bunny time to come in for dinner.

10 minutes Mummy.

This is too much fun.

Allright enjoy yourself let’s see what Bunny does now.

oh he’s tripped.

This is Maddy’s last chance to catch the boys.

if not they the lose the game.

Maddy Maddy give up these smallies weren’t a handicap. They both have strength.

Girlies and smallies win.

Friends and brothers win. My friends and brothers win.

Langdi tang. One leg hop.


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