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The Symbols of India [poem]


here is a special day for children ma'am? Yes.

Does anyone know whose birthday is celebrated as children's day?

I know. I know.

Chacha Nehru's, the First Prime Minister of India.

Ha ha ha. Maddie always knows the answer.

The theme for the show is national symbols.

That means special things about India like the national tree, national bird, national animal flower.

etc etc.

These are all our national symbols.

Each of you will choose one national symbol to dress up as and tell me tomorrow.

Ah, haha. I pick the Peacock.

It is the prettiest. I will be the most special Indian symbol.

Now, Maddie, would you like to be the presenter? You know the most about Chacha Nehru and can dress up like him.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

It is the day of the school play. All the parents are waiting excitedly for the play to begin.

Ladies and gentlemen.

presenting the national symbols of India, first the national tree, the banyan.

now, the national flower, the lotus.

Presenting the national river, the Ganga.

Presenting again.

the national river, the Ganga.

Next, is the national fruit.

the mango.

the national bird, the peacock.


Peacock is the most special. Let me come to the center.


Bubble, does not like standing in the corner she wants to be at the center of the stage.

Oops! Sorry!.

And last but not the least.

The national animal, the tiger.

Uh-oh! Where is the tiger?

And last, the tiger.

Roar, roar! Roar. I am going to eat this yummy mango up.







Now, what is Bubble trouble upto?

Still trying to take center stage. I know the lotus should be on the river.

let me down.

Bunny, let me down.

Let me down.

Well, that was more fun than we expected.

Children, can we get back in line now?

Looks like the kids enjoyed the national symbols a bit too much.

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