The Sparkly Teeth


Ewww bunny, your teeth are all yellow don’t you brush your teeth see.
Mine, I brush them twice every day, momma says that if I don’t I will get yellow.
Teethistis and stinky breathitis oh I brush them every morning but at night I always say that I am too sleepy. Hmm, no one else has yellow teeth. Do you think you have yellow teethitis bunny. Bunny seems upset he doesn’t want to have yellow teethitis. Okay kids everybody smile say cheese hello aunty Singh is bunny home? Yes he’s in his room he does not seem to be in a good mood exactly why I am yeah here. Where is bunny? 

In the cupboard under the bed under the toys. What’s that sound brushing at night? Good start. Here, this will help even more. What’s that ? My grandma gave me this solution, it’s Ayurveda. Ayurveda uses plants and herbs to fix our health what is this just drop some lime and salt every night on your teeth and they will begin to Sparkle. Bubble has come to invite bunny to her house Aunty Singh can bunny come to my house for 10 mintues please okay bubble but it’s close to bedtime so please send him back, soon. Yes, aunty singh. Hiee maddy.
What are you doing here just helping bunny with his teeth Oh super me, too.
Let’s go to my house for a minute why I want to show you how to make brushing.
Fun, Bubble and mummy Kapoor have a surprise for bunny. Ah..ah..ah..ah inside up inside up inside up ah…ah…ah…ah…ah inside down inside down…ee.. Round and round once again to make it safe make it safe.
Ahahahah inside up inside up.
Ahahahah inside down inside down eeeeee round and round and round once again to make it safe, make it safe.
Now glug glug gargle well swish it swish it swish it well yee the job is done.
Bunny has been taking good care of his teeth. He has asked Mitra mam to take another class photo.
Hiee ready for the photo? Wow bunny what have you been doing your teeth are sparkling I had some help from my friends. Amazing can I stand next to you for the photograph? Sure Div Everybody smile say cheese!!

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