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The Republic Day Song



Here I come. Ice-cream. Woohoo!

Bubble, Bubble.

What's happening?

Kids, it's time for school.

School time, kids.

Bubble, on the double!

Krrish, time to swish!


Mumma, you took me away from my ice-cream swim.

We don't want to go to school.

What are the four house rules?

Brushing teeth twice a day.

Taking a bath everyday.


Eating healthy food everyday.

And going to school everyday.

Very good you two.

What is a rule?

Things that everyone must follow for their own good, Krrish.


Well, you're not really going to school.

It's a holiday for Republic Day.

Wow! I like this public day. Who is public?

Not who.

Republic day is like..

It's the day when the rules were written on how to live in our country.

In a book.

Rules again?

I don't like rules.

And the school is taking you to see the parade for Republic Day.

What is parade?

Get ready first.

And I'll tell you all about it.


What are doing, daddy?

I am saluting.

When the parade passes by, you have to salute them.

No Krrish.

I will show you how it's done.


Bubble, teach Krrish how to salute properly. Okay?

Done, mummy.


Bye kids.

Bubble and Krrish are going to school to meet up with their classmates.

Line rule?

Yes Krrish. That's right.

Okay kids.

Everyone in the school bus.

We are going to the parade.

What is parade?

A parade is one people march together and salute.

I will show you how to salute.


That's not right.

You're palm is supposed to face the ground.


You both are wrong.

This is the right salute.

My daddy taught me.


I am right.

No, no, no. I am right.

No, my salute is right.

No, no, no. My salute is right.

No, I am right.

Let's go ask Mitra m'am.

Mitra m'am, whose salute is a right one?

All three of you are right.

What? How? How is it possible?


Wait and watch the parade.

Here comes the army.



I told you, I told you.

My salute was right.

Here comes the navy.

Look I showed you the right way. Look again.

And finally, the Air Force.


I told you. My daddy could not be wrong.

I told you.

No one was wrong.

Bubble salute was the army salute.

Maddy did the navy salute.

And last the Air Force salute.

Wow! We all did the right salute.

Yey! Yey!


Well, except for Krrish.

And that salute is the Krrish special.

Only for him.

Happy Republic Day, Krrish.

(Kids laughing).

Happy Republic Day!

Happy Public Day!

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