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The Rakhi Song!



I am going higher than you.

Ok. Wait a minute. Let me try too.

Bubble and Naaz have just learn how to swing by themselves.

Naaz look at me. Now I am higher.

Bubbles please swing me.


Not now Krish, we are swinging too fast.

Swing me now.

Hush my brave little girl I'm here now come let me see.

Krish why are you crying.

Because Bubbles got Oouucchhii.

Hush now Krish you don't cry it's your job to help Bubbles like a strong brother.

Mummy really strong brother mama.

Of course you are.

now when you saw your sister crying you ran to call me right that was brave.

it's a brother and sisters job to take care of each other.

Strong Krish.

Brave Krish.

Brother Krish.

Mummy Kapoor is taking the kids shopping for Rakhi.

A Rakhi is a thread tied by the sister on a brother's hand.

Krish what Rakhi design do you want?

Car shape, no rocket Shape no no lion shape.

No silly choose a pretty design um like a flower on a butterfly.

No. I don't want Rakhi then.

You see Krrish the Rakhi is always chosen by the sister.

Because she is tying it on the brothers hand which shows our love for him.

Wait I'll tell you so I choose the Rakhi and Krish chooses a gift for me right mama?



Krish. Krish.

I'll tell you something you can choose your own Rakhi and I will choose my own gift. Okay?


YAY car rakhi. YAY.


This one.

Mumma why tie Rakhi.

you know when the sister ties the knot of the thread.

she says I pray for you to be see her not healthy and happy.

I pray for you to be safe and healthy and happy.

Now your turn Krish. Here you go.

Say I promise to take care of you and protect you.

Bubbles. I promise to take care of you and pro. protect you.

Thank you.

Oh well done everyone now it's mithai time.

Mithai. YAY.


Mr. Swing see this Rakhi. Mama said my job to protect Bubbles.

But no ouching her okay! Or or I will put sand on you and make you dirty got it.

Looks like Krish has really made the Rakhi connection. Happy Rakhi everyone!



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