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The Holi Song



[Characters introducing themselves]

I am Div.

I am Bunny.

I am Naaz.

I am Magy.

I am Bubble.

And this is Jalebi Street.

Happy Holi.

Jalebi Street is smiling.

let's find out why.

It is Holi tomorrow.

the festival of colors.

and Bubble.

is trying to make water balloons.

oh no.not again.

I can't do this.

These balloons are teasing me.

No one is teasing you my darling.


let me do that for


I am big.

I can do it myself.

okay that's great but may I atleast show you.

how to tie the knot.

ok then I'll make my own water balloons.

now.I wonder which color I should choose.

I'll tell you.

the green one.


I'll hold it tight.


I make a gun sign with my other hand.

wrap the pointer and tall man to get a nice.

tuck inside and pull to seal tight.

wow mummy.that look so easy.

do you want to try it now ?

hold on tight.make a gun sign.

wrap the pointer and the tall man.

together nice.

tuck inside.and pull to seal tight.

I did it.I did it.Yayyeee.Yayyee.

Thank you mummy.

Hands up.



How could you.

My first water balloon.

i wanted to show daddy.

I'll never talk to you.never again.


Sorry Bubble.


Bubble.What are you doing ?


okay okay who wants to make new colors.

New colours.

that's right.

mixing some of these colours.

makes completely new colours.



let me show you.


get me the red and white colors.

Woww Mummy.that makes such a pretty pink.

Can I try ?


Can I try Bubble?

hey.that make purple.

this is awesome Krish.

we will have the best colours for holi tomorrow.


Come on Krish.

Lets try and make your favourite sky blue now.

sky blue. the festival of Holi.

All of Jalebi Street explained together.

Wowww.these are very cool colours.

Where did you buy them ?

We made them.

Quickly.give me a gun.

give me give me give me.

Hand up.

Oh Oh.Bubble has broken Krish's water gun.

Krish.I am Sorry.

I.I didn't mean to break it.



Remember when you broke Bubble's balloon by mistake.

She forgot about it right?

So you have to accept her sorry.

and forget about it.

Everyone teases each other on Holi.

and everyone also forgives and forgets on Holi.

The true essence of Holi.

Forgive.and forget.

daddy kapoor.

you did say forgive and forget.


Holi hai.



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