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The Food competition


All the mummies are at Bubbles house

Having fun, at their pot-lunch Tea party.

This was such a good idea, Mummy Kapoor!

The kids can play and we can chat and have a fun time too!

Thats true! It is a good idea!

Yes! We must do this again!

The Kids are in Bubble and Krish's room, playing pretend restaurant.

Vroom vroom! Vroom vroom, order please!

Beep beep!

Waaiitt! I am still chosing!

Bubble is pretending to be the restaurant manager!

I will tell you!

Ask for butter cheese dosa!

That's my favourite! No thanks!

I will have a cheese paratha please! That's my favourite

Bunnyy! Hurryyy!!!

Its not reeeaaal food!


My mummy...

Is a better cook!

Aunty Lobo makes yummy food div! But...

We all know! that my mummy makes the best food on Jalebi Street!


Mine does!


Oh no!

Whats wrong kids? Aunty Khan!

Maddy and Div are fighting

About who's Mummy is the best cook!


Everyone loves their home food best!

So there is no need to fight! Idea!

Lets taste all the food from the pot-lunch! and decide

Who's Mummy is the best cook! Giggling!

Pot-lunch? What is pot-luck??

I will tell you! When everyone ...

Brings some dish, to share with the others!

I know! Bunny loves food the most!

Let him taste all the dishes and decide!

Yayeee! Real food ...

...And I decide!!!

Food!!! Here i come!!

Attention all Mummies!

We now begin the Food Competition!

Okay! Really?

Presenting the honourable judge!

Mr.Bunnyyy Singhhh!!! Ohhhh!!

I know ! I know!

Let the mummies and children bring in their dish together!

The children are excited that the Mummies are playing too

Presenting! mummy Iyers Medu Wadas with Sambhar!

That was yummy!

Whats next??

Here M'Lord! Try Mummy lobos Fruitcake

and Bibinka!

Mummy Kapoors cheese samosas! Coming up!

Judge Sahaab! Try Mummy Singhs mini Paneer Parathas!

Paneer Paratha!! Yummy!!!

And finally!

Taste Mummy Khans!

Sheer Korma!

Well! Come on! Who is the best cook?

Ohhh!! I forgot I had to choose! Bunny!!!

It was all so different and yummy!

And that children!

Is the beauty of Indian food!

Each kind is too different to compare!

I toh want to eat a second round of

Mummy Ladoos Bibinka!

And could you please Give me another helping...

...Of your medu wada and sambhar! I really loved it!


Both were right!

You know my favourite...

...Is actually sheer korma!

I loved Mummy Singhs Paneer Parathas!

Just like my Son! I love everything too much!


I also want more of everything!


There is more space in that tummy of yours?


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