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The Diwali Song



It is the morning of Diwali.

After Ravan stole Sita away, Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman vowed to get her back.

They fought Ravan and his army bravely and successfully set Sita free.

As the courageous warriors return to Ayodhya with Sita.

the entire city welcome them with millions of diyas, fireworks, and celebrations.

and that's why we celebrate Diwali with lights and fireworks.


It's the victory of good over bad.

Of light over darkness.

(Kids giggling!).

Happy Diwali everyone.

Happy festival of lights.

And I will tell you. Lakshmi watches over us to see how good we are.

And she rewards us with gifts, and money and good luck.

And sweets.


And more cars.


Best Friends.


Bubble, Krrish, time to go.

Coming mummy.

Come on grandma, Krrish, we have to go Diwalli visiting now.

Why Diwali visiting?

I will tell you.

On Diwali we share gifts with family and friends.

Lakshmi told me the more we share, the luckier will be.


Looks like Grandma's Diwali magic has on Bubble.

Happy Diwali guard uncle.

To all of you as well.

Why you're sad guard uncle?

Because my family has gone to the village and I am working on Diwali.

I miss them, you see.

I miss the Diwali fun.


Guard uncle, come for Pooja to our house, okay.

The Kapoors are just completing their Diwali Pooja.

Happy Diwali! May Lakshmi bless you and your family.

Thank you, thank you, ma'am.

It's nice to see a happy family today.

And lights.

And rangoli.

And the Pooja.



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