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The CAR-CARROM board Story

The Car and the Carromboard.

what's happening on Jalebi Street today.




Maybe Maybe.

Are you guys coping me.

why are you making such funny sound because I can't decide which color to.

order a new car in. New car New car New car. A new car? Wow ! Can I have a look daddy.

Why not here you go.

I'll tell you. The Red one daddy.

oh well red it is then.

I'll get it.

Delivery for miss bubble Kapoor...That's me.

Sign here please.


Wow! That's a really big box. I wonder who has sent it.

It's from your aunty Dimple who lives.

in Dubai. Yay Open Open Open box now.

I did ask her for my very own carom board this must be it. What "carroommm".

Later bubble we late for school now. But mummy what's "Carrom" not now bubble let's go.

Okay mommy okay mummy. Bubble is sad that she couldn't open the new present.

Krish is sad because he still doesn't know what carom is.

New car, New car, New car.


Daddy Daddy is that our new car outside?

Yes. My brand new car.

Drive. Drive. Drive.

I know how you feel Krish but mummy said not yet.

Oh then maybe I can open my present now. Yes I want to see Carrom.

Don't look so grumpy daddy Kapoor. Here I am now we can go for a drive. Yay.

Drive. Drive.Drive.

What's all this Mummy.

This is for puja Bubbles. Whenever we buy something important or.

start something new we do a little prayer. Why?

Daddy Kapoor.

Could you pop up the bonnet please? Doing a Puja is us asking God to bless the new.

Now can I drive the car? Yes let's go! Yupiee. Come on kids lets get into the car.

Krish come, put the flowers on top of the board.

Now come. Hold this with me.

Dear god, Please keep our new carrom board safe and let me win many games on it.

And please let me know what the game is.

And now move aside Krish this next part is tough.

What a lovely idea kids can we help?

Yuppieee. Lets play carrom.

Carrom is a strike and pocket game Krish.

Put your fingers like this and strike.

Wow daddy. What a great shot.

Krish turn, Krish turn.

Krish pocket. Krish wins Krish wins.

Bubble wins. Yay.

new things are fun.

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