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The Bonfires and Kites [poem]


Bonfires and Kites. a fun day on Jalebi Street.


A Bonfire.



Looks like BBQ time.

Hey Bubble.this is for tonight.

but not for a BBQ.

this is for Lohri.

Look Bubble.

My dad is also doing the same thing.

Dad.Why is our Lohri seperate ?

Not Lohri Maddy.this is for Pongal.

Hey kids.Nice Kites.

must be for Makar-Sankranti.

that's what Mitra mam said.

tomorrow is Makar-Sankranti.

My daddy said.its Lohri.

and your daddy said.its Pongal.

three festivals on the same day.

Maddy doesn't likes being confused.

Maddy always likes to know.

lets see.if he can find the answer.

Give me some.

I love Popcorn.

tomorrow will be awesome.

my kites fly the highest.

Bubble.I want highest kite.

Okay Krish.I'll try.

I can't come.

I have to do Pongal puja.

Who is Pongal ?

Pongal is a festival.

Maddy.come help me distribute this.


wait Maddy watch out.

all my popcorn.

Sorry by me.but look.

I got you some raveri instead.

You know.

One of the most fun.

things about Lohri is throwing popcorn.

into the this.

oh what too Dadi.

Happy Lohri.

Granma Kapoor is going to tell us.

Why Makar-Sankranti, Pongal and Lohri.

are on the same day.

cool right ?


Mad maddy.Who cares.

Eat all the goodies.

and rest is Balle-Balle.

I want to know too.

me three.

Hornk Hornk.Hornk Hornk.

me four.

They are all on the same day.

Because they celebrate the same thing.

How is ?


I know.

when the farmer's crops.

are all ready to go to the market.

Its harvest time.

Oh.Excellent Bubble.

ahh.I get it.

Its just different names.

in different parts of India.

Right ?

ahh.Maddy is happy.

Now Maddy knows.

Happy Lohri.

Thank you.for all your blessings.

now we will overflow with joy.

all through the year.

Happy Pongal everyone.

Happy Pongal.

umm.smells yummy.

Can we eat some pongal now ?

Later kids.

Now off you go for kite flying.


oh.look that green one is the highest.

I wonder whose it is.


your kite is the highest in the sky.

wait wait.

my kite is also climbing.

the kite just needs a little more wind.

and the kite flyer needs more food.


take is not always better Bunny.

my kite is going to win.

I am in Naaz's team.

Go Naaz Go.

Iam with you Bunny.

Victory for Bunny.

Oh No !.

I'll catch it.I'll catch it.wait.


Happy Makar-Sankranti.

Happy Lohri.

Happy Pongal.



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