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The Bhangra Song


The children are all in school this morning.
Children, this is Jojo. You're new dance coach.
Good morning, sir.
Hi kids, I am so excited. Bruhh! Yey!
Oo! What's going on?
Now, can anyone show me some dance moves?
I will show you, sir.
Nice, Bubble.
What kind of dance was that?
That was the Bubble dance.
Anyone else?
Wow! Div! Looks like you learnt Ballet.
Yes, sir.
I just started Ballet classes.
That's wonderful!
Okay, who else wants to try?
Huh! I am sure I could do that.
(Kids laughing).
Ballet is tougher than it looks.
Anyone know any other dance?
How many dances are there, sir?
Oh! So many.
Specially in India.
The Bharatnatyam.
Okay. Let's try the Dandiya and Garba.
Ah! What's Dandiya and Garba?
It's a folk dance from Gujarat.
Let me show you. These are called Dandiya sticks.
Everyone gets ready for Dandiya.
Sorry, sorry, Bubble. I didn't mean to.
I know Bunny.
It's ok.
Are you ok Bubble?
Yes, I am fine.
Thank you, sir.
Okay! Let's try another one.
This time from South India.
Called the Bharatnatyam.
Yes, yes, yes!
My mommy knows this dance.
I have seen her photos of performing.
Try and follow these steps now.
Okay! Okay!
This is a bit of a challenge.
None of the dance forms are easy for the kids.
What will the dance coach do now?
May be the Bhangra.
Anyone knows of the Bhangra?
It's from Punjab.
Oye! Balle! Balle!
Yes, sir. We dance the Bhangra at weddings.
You're absolutely right.
Can you show us?
Aahun aahun! Oye aahun aahun!
Aahun aahun! Oye aahun aahun!
Fantastic, Bunny.
Now let's all follow him.
Shoulders up, shoulders down.
Shoulders up, shoulders down.
Shoulders up, shoulders down.
Shoulders up, shoulders down.
Let's try a new step.
Imagine the stars in the sky and pull them close to you.
Pull them closer.
All together now.
That was amazing!
So what do you think?
Which dance should be performed at the annual concert?
The Bhangra from Punjab.


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