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The Anniversary Song


Happy Anniversary mummy! Happy Birthday Daddy! See what i made! Wow! Very nice, that's me And that's mommy , but, what's this? Yes! That's you and Mommy , I drew that.

 You are holding flowers But, Krish drew the flowers.

 I drew flowers.

 For birthday fun! Anniversary fun Krishh! It's lovely! Thank You my monkeys.

 it's so lovely that it needs to be tickle monsters.

 Krishh! I have to tell you something, Daddy has a surprise for mummy And he needs our help! Its a secret okay! Surprise fun! Let me tell mumma! Krishh! Its a surprise, we are not supposed to tell Mummy.

 Ohh nooo!!! Mummmyyy! what's wrong bubble? I need to paint this for school But my paints are all dry! hmmmm.

they are dry! Let me ask daddy to go get you some.

 What's going on? could you please get some paints from the shop for bubble? You, wanted to visit grandma and grandpa kapoor as well right? we can all go buy paint and visit their house as well Yayieee! Family fun Family fun! Where are you going? This isnt the way to the paint shop.

 Mummy! Now you have to close your eyes! What are you guys upto? Nothing! This isn't the paint shop This is a temple! Almost there! Surprise!!! This is the temple Where we got married! Hello!! And Grandma and Grandpa Kapoor! You are here too! what a lovely surprise! Now it's time for pooja fun Dadi! what is the Pandit doing? that is a Pooja Thali? bubbles everything he does now is a way of asking God to bless both mummy and daddy We ring the bell to ask god, to listen to us! Here you go My little monkey monster! The Tilak, is a blessing from god As well as from the Pandit Ji The diya light Is like god's light.

 So, another blessing.

 laying flowers at God feet Is telling him we bow to him.

 And me?? And finally those laddoos! Are prasad from God like a promise that he will take care of Mommy and Daddy OOOOhhh!!! Pooja fun Pooja fun.

 I want blessings I want laddoo I want laddoo too! Mummy Mummy, Did you like your surprise?? i helped daddy.

 I absolutely loved it, Thank you darling! I helped too More laddoo blessings! Looks like Krish is very hungry! I want more laddoo blessings too! Looks like every one is getting hungry! Now lets go have a big, anniversary lunch with the family! are receiving any Dukey flag being broken up right but Rick down


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