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Laxi is a Fairy (Stage Act Script)


 Jalebi Street, Jalebi Street Come play with us on Jalebi Street The Diwali Goddess It is festive season on Jalebi Street Children are making rangoli for Diwali Okay! I'm off.

 I promised mummy I would clean up my room today No! Five minutes more, five minutes.

 Please! Please! Please! Come on, Maddy.

 Please! No, no I have to be good It's for Diwali What's good for Diwali, Bubble? I'll tell you Krrish Mummy says, Lakshmi will only come if our house is sparkling clean.

 Oh! Who's Lakshmi? Umm! Lakshmi is, she is the Diwali fairy, Krrish.

 That's silly, Bubble.

 Lakshmi is the Diwali Goddess She comes with gifts and luck, to the houses that are clean and filled with lights.

 Going home to clean.

 I want to ask Goddess Lakshmi for a big pot of sweets, all for myself.

 But I hate cleaning up.

 I feel sad.

 Aww! Yeah, me too! Yey! Yey! Ladder, ladder.

 Monkey, watch this.

 Enough, my little mon-krrish We don't want daddy to topple over, do we? Is something wrong, honey? Maddy call me silly because I said Lakshmi was a fairy Well, you're not entirely wrong.

 Am not? How? Well, both the Goddess and a fairy are magical.

 And both give gifts to those who are good Hmmm! I'm not wrong, I'm not wrong, and I'm going to have the cleanest room.

 Yey! There, all done.

 Now, are you ready all little ones? 1,2 and 3 Lighs, lights, Diwali lights.

 And Goddess Lakshmi, I helped Dave with her homework And I played football with Naaz, even though I didn't want to Also Here I'm Bubble.

 I heard your prayers.

 Goddess Lakshmi? Oh my God! I always visit my most special children.

 Happy Diwali, Bubble.

 Happy Diwali to you too.

 Now, remember to share all the gifts I give you with your friends.

 Remember, the more you share, the more you'll get It is Diwali morning The Iyers are visiting the Kapoors with Diwali gifts Poor Bunny, he still hasn't cleaned his room.

 So, no Diwali sweets for him.

 Remember, the more you share, the more you'll get I'll tell you.

 He wanted a pot of sweets, right? Let's make one and go help him clean his room Happy Diwali, Bunny Nah! Nothing happy about it.

 Now there is! Team Diwali is here, to help you clean your room.

 Really? Wow.

 Um, why? Because Goddess Lakshmi says, "Diwali is about sharing".

 So, we are sharing your work.

 Come on, let's clean.

 (Yey!) (There!) I'am starving now.

 And to reward your good work, Goddess Lakshmi sents (Hurray!) I love team Diwali.

 I love Goddess Lakshmi.

 Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful Diwali.



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