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आजचे जग वेगाने वैज्ञानिक प्रगतीकडे वाटचाल करीत आहे.
आजच्या या धावपळीच्या जीवनातही मानवाच्या मनात सांस्कृतिक बीजे रोपली गेली आहे असे निर्दशनास येते.
मानवाने कितीही प्रगती केली तरीही परंपरे शिवाय, संस्कृती शिवाय समाधानी राहू शकत नाही याचे उदाहरण म्हणजे भारत.
आजही भारतात पूर्वीच्याच पद्धतीने सर्व सण साजरे केले जातात.
प्रत्येक सणामागे काहीना काही वैज्ञानिक कारण आहे. त्यामुळेच आज संपूर्ण जगाचे लक्ष भारताकडे आकर्षित होत आहे.
दिवाळी हा आपला सर्वात मोठा आणि महत्वाचा सण आहे. हा सण म्हणजे दिव्यांचा सण.
दिवाळीला तेलाचे दिवे लावले जातात कारण या काळात वातावरण शुद्ध राखण्यास तसेच उष्णता निर्माण करण्यास यांची फार मदत होते.
या सणाची आपण सर्वच आतुरतेने वाट पाहत असतो.

Breaking the chain through classical teaching!

And I am going to be exploring the teaching on the 12 length, it is another classical teaching. And we're continuing to bring these teachings in the practice into the heart and the grit of the everyday and I have been hearing news that people have been listening to these talks whilst walking or sometimes sitting or lying or even in the car, sometimes even jogging. But wherever you are right now, whatever posture, in whatever situation, I welcome you. I’m still sitting in my studio, looking out at the huge tree in the courtyard and the leaves are turning yellow, have all of my notes and sources around me as I usually do when I teach. I was just reflecting before about teaching in northern India with the open Dharma and Ajay walking into my room and seeing all my notes on the ground, he said whoa, yes we all have our different way, without making me laugh.

An Interview on politics

Intro:Welcome to A Miner Detail podcast. I am your host Ryan Miner. I'm an independent journalist. You could say I'm a bit of a disrupter. On this show, I call it as I see it. Partisan politics, forget about it. Left, right, whatever, this show is about getting to the root of every story politics be damned. I report on Maryland politics and news at This is episode 265. Today is Sunday, May, the 3rd, 2020. My guest is Len Foxwell. He's the Comptroller of Maryland's chief of staff and of course he's no stranger to the detail. This episode, you don't want to miss.

The story of Ram and Ravan.

This is the story of Ram and Ravan. A story related to this festival. Thousands of years ago, in the city of Ayodhaya, there was a wise and good king named Dashrath, who ruled along with his three queens and four princes. The eldest, Ram and his beautiful wife, Sita, lived happily along with his other prince brothers and their wives.

The Bhangra Song

The children are all in school this morning. Children, this is Jojo. You're new dance coach. Good morning, sir. Hi kids, I am so excited. Bruhh! Yey! Oo! What's going on? Now, can anyone show me some dance moves?

The Diwali Song

It is the morning of Diwali.After Ravan stole Sita away, Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman vowed to get her back.They fought Ravan and his army bravely and successfully set Sita free.As the courageous warriors return to Ayodhya with Sita.the entire city welcome them with millions of diyas, fireworks, and celebrations.and that's why we celebrate Diwali with lights and fireworks.

The Republic Day Song

Here I come. Ice-cream. Woohoo!Bubble, Bubble.What's happening?Kids, it's time for school.School time, kids.Bubble, on the double!Krrish, time to swish!

The Rakhi Song!

I am going higher than you.Ok. Wait a minute. Let me try too.Bubble and Naaz have just learn how to swing by themselves.Naaz look at me. Now I am higher.Bubbles please swing me.

The Sparkly Teeth

Ewww bunny, your teeth are all yellow don't you brush your teeth see.
Mine, I brush them twice every day, momma says that if I don't I will get yellow.
Teethistis and stinky breathitis oh I brush them every morning but at night I always say that I am too sleepy. Hmm, no one else has yellow teeth. Do you think you have yellow teethitis bunny. Bunny seems upset he doesn't want to have yellow teethitis. Okay kids everybody smile say cheese hello aunty Singh is bunny home? Yes he's in his room he does not seem to be in a good mood exactly why I am yeah here. Where is bunny? 
In the cupboard under the bed under the toys. What's that sound brushing at night? Good start. Here, this will help even more. What's that ? My grandma gave me this solution, it's Ayurveda. Ayurveda uses plants and herbs to fix our health what is this just drop some lime and salt every night on your teeth and they will begin to Sparkle. Bubble has come to invite bunny to her house Aunty Singh…

The Video Game!

Oh Bunny is playing a video game.Bunny it's 5 0 clock outdoor playtime.Bunny time to go out and play.But Mummy play the same boring game this is much better.Playing outdoors gives you sunlight no sunlight means no vitamin D yeah and.What about exercise? Exercise is important for you to grow.

The Bonfires and Kites [poem]

Bonfires and a fun day on Jalebi Street.Bye-Bye.A Bonfire.Wowww.

The Symbols of India [poem]

here is a special day for children ma'am? Yes.Does anyone know whose birthday is celebrated as children's day?I know. I know.Chacha Nehru's, the First Prime Minister of India.Ha ha ha. Maddie always knows the answer.The theme for the show is national symbols.That means special things about India like the national tree, national bird, national animal flower.etc etc.

The Holi Song

[Characters introducing themselves]I am Div. I am Bunny.I am Naaz.I am Magy.I am Bubble.And this is Jalebi Street.Happy Holi.Jalebi Street is smiling.let's find out why.It is Holi tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Div, mummy Lobo just called. Her flight back is delayed.She can't make it back for the Christmas party tonight.(sigh)Oh! No! Is the party cancelled then?Oh!No!Well, I suppose it's too late to cancel now.The preparation is all done.Oh! Thank you!Christmas Eve is the only night I'm allowed to stay up till midnight.

The Anniversary Song

Happy Anniversary mummy! Happy Birthday Daddy! See what i made! Wow! Very nice, that's me And that's mommy , but, what's this? Yes! That's you and Mommy , I drew that.You are holding flowers But, Krish drew the flowers.I drew flowers.For birthday fun! Anniversary fun Krishh! It's lovely! Thank You my's so lovely that it needs to be tickle monsters.Krishh! I have to tell you something, Daddy has a surprise for mummy And he needs our help! Its a secret okay! Surprise fun! Let me tell mumma! Krishh! Its a surprise, we are not supposed to tell Mummy.Ohh nooo!!! Mummmyyy! what's wrong bubble? I need to paint this for school But my paints are all dry! hmmmm.

The CAR-CARROM board Story

The Car and the Carromboard. what's happening on Jalebi Street today.Maybe.Maybe.NO.Maybe Maybe.Are you guys coping me.why are you making such funny sound because I can't decide which color to.order a new car in. New car New car New car. A new car? Wow ! Can I have a look daddy.Why not here you go.I'll tell you. The Red one daddy.oh well red it is then.I'll get it.Delivery for miss bubble Kapoor...That's me.Sign here please.B-U-B-B-L-E.Wow! That's a really big box. I wonder who has sent it.It's from your aunty Dimple who Dubai. Yay Open Open Open box now.I did ask her for my very own carom board this must be it. What "carroommm".Later bubble we late for school now. But mummy what's "Carrom" not now bubble let's go.Okay mommy okay mummy. Bubble is sad that she couldn't open the new present.Krish is sad because he still doesn't know what carom is.New car, New car, New car.YAY.Daddy Daddy is that our new car outsid…

The Team Krishna Poem!

Come play with us on Jalebi Street.Team Krishna.One morning on Jalebi Street.Apple! Apple! I want apple.Hey! Max. Could you please pluck one for my little brother?Huh! No way.Pluck it yourself.Mean Max.Bubble, I want apple.Okay, Krrish. Let me try.

The Food competition

All the mummies are at Bubbles house Having fun, at their pot-lunch Tea party.This was such a good idea, Mummy Kapoor!The kids can play and we can chat and have a fun time too!Thats true! It is a good idea!Yes! We must do this again!The Kids are in Bubble and Krish's room, playing pretend restaurant.Vroom vroom! Vroom vroom, order please!Beep beep!Waaiitt! I am still chosing!

The Yoga Song

Narrator: It is early Morning on Jalebi Street.Deep breathing breathing sound continues..Mom Mom Mom.....(Knock on the door)Mom....Ahh..!Eh??Ahhh?Giggling..Ohh...hmmm

You're Independent! (The script)

I am independent.The Kapoors are up to something this morning.Today is the 15th of August.It is India's Independence Day.Happy Independence Day.Mummy, Daddy, what are you wearing?Cake!.Today is India's birthday.It's called Independence Day.

Laxi is a Fairy (Stage Act Script)

Jalebi Street, Jalebi Street Come play with us on Jalebi Street The Diwali Goddess It is festive season on Jalebi Street Children are making rangoli for Diwali Okay! I'm off.I promised mummy I would clean up my room today No! Five minutes more, five minutes.Please! Please! Please! Come on, Maddy.Please! No, no I have to be good It's for Diwali What's good for Diwali, Bubble? I'll tell you Krrish Mummy says, Lakshmi will only come if our house is sparkling clean.Oh! Who's Lakshmi? Umm! Lakshmi is, she is the Diwali fairy, Krrish.That's silly, Bubble.Lakshmi is the Diwali Goddess She comes with gifts and luck, to the houses that are clean and filled with lights.Going home to clean.